Fun Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Party planners and event hosts are always trying to come up with creative, new entertainment ideas that will go over big with their guests. While some event planners have no trouble coming up with new ideas, others need a little help. Below you’ll find many entertainment options, some you may have already thought of, and some that may be totally new concepts for you.

Celebrity Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson Impersonators

Comedy Entertainment for Company Events

Comedians are always a big hit at parties and events, assuming the one you hire is family-friendly, experienced, and of course, funny. If you’re planning a corporate event, depending on your company owner or CEO, it is often fun to bring in a comedian that can do impersonations of your company leader or make light of the company or industry in general.

Along those same lines, a comedy magician can also poke fun at leaders or employees while delivering a funny show at the same time. Imagine how fun it would be to saw one of your company’s employees in half, or make the owner disappear altogether.

Music Ideas for Events

Live music entertainment booked through agents like is always a good choice for a corporate function. Depending on the size of the crowd and the size of the room, your available options are limitless. With large crowds, a live dance band is always a great choice. People love to dance, and with the right live music band providing high-energy dance music, the event can be a lot of fun.

Professional Dance Entertainment

Another musical option is a comedian/singer who can take song requests and turn them into funny performances about people in the company. Typically, the performer will need information about specific company staff in advance of the performance, allowing them enough time to come up with some funny material that’s geared specifically toward people in your company.

Impersonators, Caricature Artists, and Green Screens

Celebrity impersonators can be a whole lot of fun. Inviting Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson to your event, either to entertain or to simply take pictures and sign autographs with the guests, is something you don’t see very often, but can be lots of fun.

There are many other corporate party ideas that can be used to create excitement for party guests. Hiring a caricature artist to draw sketches of each employee makes it possible for the employees to take home a souvenir from the event. Green screen photographers can bring costumes for the guests, allowing them to dress up and be placed in photos with unusual backgrounds. Imagine having your photo taken dressed like Jack the Ripper, as you search for your next victim in London in the 1880s.

More Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Parties

Balloon artists, jugglers, stilt walkers or dancers, mimes, break dancers, or clowns are all great party ideas. Palm readers or handwriting experts can also be very entertaining. Foretelling the future or analyzing a person’s handwriting can be very thought-provoking, giving guests something to talk about with each other. Interactive entertainment can get people involved with each other, allowing them an opportunity to bond as fellow employees.

Corporate Event Juggler

Cirque acts such as aerial performers, fire eaters, snake charmers, and acrobats are always entertaining to see in person. Professional dance entertainment can be extremely popular with a crowd. And country line dance instructors are a great way to get audiences involved physically. Dueling piano shows and ventriloquists are other forms of entertainment you don’t see very often at parties, but are always good choices. For outdoor events, or where there is a cement floor, 3D chalk artists can add an element of fun. They draw 3D images on the ground that look amazing. Imagine your guests having their photos taken as a giant shark is ready to eat them, or as they stand next to a giant snail. Almost anything is possible with 3D chalk art.

Corporate Entertainment Aerial Performer

There are many unique types of entertainment that can add fun and excitement to any event. Think about the general personality of your guests, their likes and dislikes, and then plan something that everyone will enjoy. The right entertainment can turn a dull party into an affair that’s exciting and memorable, so put your thinking cap on and come up with something that your guests will get a kick out of.